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In Center of Our Business

From Plastics to Sustainable Products and  Enviromet

  • Circular economics
  • Sustainability in plastics business
  • Innovation, innovation diffusion
  • Design
  • Plastics and composites consumer products
  • AM Processes, rapid production, small series
  • University-enterprise co-operation
  • Exploitation of research results
  • Networking, European co-operation

abc-Acqua Business Consulting

High-tech Know-how and Latest Research Results

 abc-Acqua Business Consulting is an SME from Tampere, Finland specialized with competence in plastics and production technology - such as AM technology - but also industrial applications. The field of its activities covers - not only know-how of converting plastics - but also design and selection materials, as well as tasks with European standardization (e.g. CE Marking) and co-operation.

Sustainable Materials, Technology and Development

The plastics industry - as well their customers - have found itself in front of totally new challenges. The increasing demands from EU and other decision makers - as well as from customer companies and individual consumers - has forced the converters to start a new way of thinking in their business. The demand is towards more sustainable products and production. There is no way back to the "old good days".
We are in all our activities bringing the totally new way of thinking to the plastics branch, to companies, to products - as well as to all clients and end-users. Our task is to increase the efficiency of converting processes - such as injection molding, extrusion, etc. - and plastics components and products in all types of applications in different branches of industry. A special interest we have put in materials technology.
Recycling, re-use and circular economics are in the very heart of our business.
Towards More Flexible Production and Smaller Series

 Design of products and components, as well as converting plastics are set of increasing demands both to material and production technology. All forms of technology must be ready to smaller and even smaller sizes of series. In its activities abc-Acqua Business Consulting has taken the challenge with increasing needs and demands from its customers to make the converting process more rapid and efficient.

The R&D activities with small series and rapid production include topics with universities and research institutes. However, the target is very often set on economically basis by end-user. In every case the result is reached by using the its own competence and experience, but also using the tight expert network of abc-Acqua Business Consulting. This network is based on
  • our own competence
  • material producer, machinery and equipment producers
  • universities
  • research institutes and groups
  • professional organizations
  • networks